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In this game you will have to drive your monster truck through each track as quickly as possible to reach the finish line in record time. Use the arrow keys to drive and steer your truck and speed past all of the obstacles that are littered throughout each of the 10 tracks that this game has to offer. Your goal is to collect all of the stars in each track while making your way down steep hills and over huge rocks. Your truck will have some serious power, but you will need to use the arrow keys wisely as you make your way through the harsh terrain that each level is made up of

play Atomic Zombie Motocross games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4720/Atomic-Zombie-Motocross.html Atomic Zombie Motocross

Atomic Zombie Motocross is a hybrid zombie motocross riding game. This game consists of sixteen challenging levels. Your goal in this game is simple. Overcome the challenges of this new zombie motocross racing tournament and reach the final level within the shortest time possible. However, you will lose if your zombie rider flips on its head. The challenges are also not that easy so you better be extra wary since you are only given up to six chances to finish the game. Mind you, this game is not for the scaredy-cats so you better be brave enough to face the challenge!

play Winning Formula games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4719/Winning-Formula.html Winning Formula

Winning Formula is a single-player circuit racing game that is made up of six exciting levels. You will start off as a novice formula car racer who aims to qualify for the grand prix. Unfortunately, you lack the needed experience. So go ahead and prove that you are already good enough to become a professional circuit racer. Try to outrace your opponents within the specified time limit and be the first racer to complete all four laps. Try not to make a wrong turn and just keep on trying until you beat your own record. Press the space bar to stop your car from going into the wrong direction.

play Racing Titans games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4718/Racing-Titans.html Racing Titans

Racing Titans is a single-player casual car racing game wherein you will be given the opportunity to drive a fancy sports car. The mechanics of this game is simple. Just use the arrow keys to control or guide the cars movements and try not to go out of track. At first, you will definitely find it difficult to make your car go to the right direction but donot let that stop you from moving on. After all, you must not let your opponents defeat you. Therefore, you should practice harder to improve your driving skills so that you will be the first racer to qualify for the next round.

play Farm Truck Race games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4717/Farm-Truck-Race.html Farm Truck Race

Farm trucks may not be meant for racing but not in Farm Truck Race. This ultimate online flash racing game will definitely get you hooked! The goal of this game is simple – you need to win the race. Of course, you will be competing against two other skilled racers and you need to go over those piles of hay. That is not all. The road will be very steep that is why you should be extra careful. One wrong move and your truck could roll back down. Nonetheless, this race will truly test your ability to adapt to different kinds of situations.

play Crash Cart 2 games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4716/Crash-Cart-2.html Crash Cart 2

this is a cart racing game,wherein drive your cart to race with other four opponents,to beat them and get the cup!

play Mario Physic Adventure games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4715/Mario-Physic-Adventure.html Mario Physic Adventure

help Mario to safety through the manor without losing life!collect as more as possible gold to improve the score,Avoid the terrible animal bite that let Mario lose life! Controls: use arrow keys to move.Spacebar to use objects

play Police Highway Patrol games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4714/Police-Highway-Patrol.html Police Highway Patrol

Drive fast on the highway to Stop the bad guys by destroing their cars,when you near the bad guys car,you will get notification; Control:Use arrow keys to drive and spacebar to break

play Mario Tractor 2013 games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4713/Mario-Tractor-2013.html Mario Tractor 2013

drive your truck to collect coins and Transport to the finish safely.you must deliver 3 items at least to pass the level and unblock the next level. Use Arrow keys to control

play Last Battle games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4712/Last-Battle.html Last Battle

Your task is to guard U.S. bases and Kill the enemys,you defend bases more time and kill enemys more,then you will get more cash!buy powerful firepower weapons including K107,ACR35,WINTOREZ and RPG406C using the cash,it is very cool!you can use cash to upgrade Reload,Ammo,Accuracy of your gun!even can buy Ambulance package to Prolong bases life! many stuffs that can Increase the defense capabilities of the base can buy using cash! game control: Use Mouse to AIM and Shoot,Spacebar to sniper

play Snow Muscle Parking games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4711/Snow-Muscle-Parking.html Snow Muscle Parking

park your muscle car perfectly into the parking slot within lost life,first looking for the ideal parking according to the arrows indicate. game control: Arrow keys to control

play Happy Wheels games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4710/Happy-Wheels.html Happy Wheels

Happy wheels is an interesting driving game,Your mission is to complete the various challenge in each level without loosing any body parts.Complex terrain and Change Barriers let you feel confused;Choose one of them from Wheelchair Guy,Segway Guy,Irresponsible Dad,Effective Shopper,Moped Couple,Lawnmower Man,Explorer Guy,Santa Claus,Pogostick Man.to Play; game control: Z = Eject, SPACE = Primary Action, Shift & Control = Secondary actions

play Jeep Valley Rally games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4709/Jeep-Valley-Rally.html Jeep Valley Rally

It is your job to win this Valley Rally. And we have the right car for you, to win this;Use the arrow keys to drive

play Highway Speed Chase games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4708/Highway-Speed-Chase.html Highway Speed Chase

Highway speed chase is action racing game,in which your task is to track and take down all cars with your muscle car. It is all about the survival of the fittest and the muscle cars think they can rule the highway. aother task is to drive these muscle cars and eliminate all the other potential rulers from the road.

play Mario BMX Ultimate games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4707/Mario-BMX-Ultimate.html Mario BMX Ultimate

Mario is back with his bmx, do tricks, collect coins and make as many points as you can. Controls: use arrow keys to move, and space bar to do tricks

play War Truck games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4706/War-Truck.html War Truck

Are you ready to try driving big trucks games?Big truck in the driving process, turning and deceleration is very difficult to control;Your mission is to transport to safely the soldiers. So be the hero in this new online truck games and be the best army driver ever

play Yellow Balancer games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4705/Yellow-Balancer.html Yellow Balancer

Try to keep balance as long as you can!Unlock achievements to increase score multiplier!

play Rapid 2 games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4704/Rapid-2.html Rapid 2

Rapid river race game. It is a game where you have to race to checkpoints before you run out of fuel while avoiding obstacles.The further forward you move, the faster you go and the more points you get.As the levels progress, the game speed increases; controls:use your arrow keys to move,Z to shoot

play Sahara Biker games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4703/Sahara-Biker.html Sahara Biker

Are you ready for this ultimate challenge? Sahara Biker is a complex bike game with multiple levels and bikes to ride after you unlock them from the game. Your goal is to ride your bike thru the sand dunes, heat and all the obstacle there are in the desert. Tray to finish each level as fast as you can and in one piece. Prove your skills in this free bike game called Sahara Biker and be the best desert bike rider in the wolrd.

play Under Construction Racing games http://www.gameduce.com/game/4702/Under-Construction-Racing.html Under Construction Racing

Under Construction Racing is a free racing game where you drive through a construction site, the road is almost done but there are still a lot of under construction barriers that will stay in your way, making it hard for you to keep your car in one piece. Do not worry you can pick up free health kits on the way but just to be safe keep your eyes on the road and try to avoid the obstacles. Also try not to bump into every car on the road, this is just a friendly advice, but you do not need to listen to me, you can also have your way with every car in the race, anyways do not say I did not warn you. Try to remove your opponents one by one and make sure you are the only one left in the race.